Entrepreneurial Leverage


"Leverage: the power to influence a person or situation to achieve a particular outcome" -- Oxford English Dictionary

Consider the following regarding your idea and its implementation.

You want to:

  1. Create a brilliant idea
  2. That you and others fall in love with and implement
  3. In an excellent way
  4. At the right time
  5. For the right people

As an entrepreneur, you can significantly influence the success of your idea by being aware of these and maximizing the potential of each.

There are things you can't control, for instance, the need for your idea, product, or service. (Of course, you can make sure there is such a need, even if it's something they never thought they would desire.)

The one thing you do have the most significant control over, and to the highest degree, is your idea itself.

It's the first step, and it is where you can get the greatest leverage. Everything that comes after will then amplify the result of making your idea the best it can be.


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